Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I can finally say that I'm done my degree at York University! it took me a while longer than I had hoped, but that's okay :) During my last year at York, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, with a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which will now enable me to be able to teach pretty much anywhere in the world. However, I am yet unqualified to teach children, or to teach in the public school system in Canada. It's somewhat ironic: I'm not qualified to teach ESL to children, but I am qualified to teach adults (immigrant adults, that is). I've been considering a few options, one of which could possibly mean going overseas to teach English... otherwise I could stick around in Toronto and teach here.... we'll see where the Lord leads.

This final year at York was the best year I had there - we had the best teacher EVER (the first picture that you'll see in the slideshow), who really has a gift for teaching and for bringing the class together as a unit. Thanks Joanne! and thank you, all my classmates! I hope to be as good a teacher as her one day :)

At our final class we had a class party for which I put together the following slideshow. But be warned - it's 15 minutes long!!! :)

York University TESOL Class 2008!

I wish you all the best!!!