Monday, September 21, 2009

date with the girls :)

The other weekend Rachel, Maria, Sharon and I had a wonderful time minigolfing together... sisters with sisters :) we had a great time! all of us were pretty much evenly matched, each of us being way over par :) maybe that's why my nose is all wrinkled in this picture, hehe

Maria was quite the pro - her first time mini-golfing, and she got 2nd place!

Thanks for coming out with me Rachel & Maria! :)
we're still missing the other half of our date - don't let me forget it!


Lizzi said...

Very cute pictures!! =)

Sharon said...

Thanks so much, again, Louise! :) What a fun afternoon! Sisters with sisters :) ...we will have to do it again sometime!

Louise said...

you're very welcome, it was my pleasure! :) definitely must happen again :)

thank you for the card... it's really cute!