Tuesday, December 29, 2009


January 29, 2009: Mom's 57th birthday :)

Mom's surprise birthday party was a definite success!!!!! it was so much fun surprising her! The evening before her birthday I wrote her a card with a coupon for 2 free breakfasts at Cora's breakfast... We arranged to have the flowers ready and waiting on the table for us when we came, so when Mom said to the waitress in her cute way: "it's my birthday today, and my daughter's taking me for breakfast!" the waitress replied, "I know... I think the whole restaurant knows it's your birthday!" :) Mom nearly fell over backwards when she said that, and saw the flowers :)
Carole and I worked late last night when Mom went to bed to get everything ready, so when we came back from breakfast, everyone was there waiting! she was so surprised she teared up... she loved it though :) all day she's been saying how wonderful her birthday was, how much she loved every moment of it!

Thank you to everyone who came for the tea party - it was late notice, and we're so thankful that each of you could have made it out. She's such a special person, and we all thank God so much for her example of love, humility, and hospitality to everyone.

my new nephew David and his dear mommy, my sister!


jen said...

surprises are the best! looks like you had a wonderful time! :-)

Sharon said...

Louise, those are great pictures of that special day! I love the one of you & Mom!!! Thanks for helping to make it so special for her. :) What a treasure she is!

Ruth said...

Hmm, clearly another golden day :)