Sunday, January 10, 2010

A new year

Let's welcome in 2010!

Once again everyone discusses their new years resolutions.... once again people work at implementing them (at least for the first month! :)). We continue planning activities, vacations, work, school, events, trips, and the thousand other nameless little things that make up our days, weeks, and months.

What changes will happen, what joys will we experience, what sorrows will we face? Each year brings its own trials and hardships, some years with more than others.... as I look back over 2009, I praise God for having brought me through another year, though it was not the easiest of years. I learned more of what it is to trust God, to love Him, to be content in all things, to live in His strength. God promises to be with us wherever we are, to comfort us at all times, to strengthen us when we’re weak. And He does fulfill those promises.

I pray that in 2010 I will continue to rest in my Saviour, to be complete in Him, and to not spurn His love for me... whether this year is full of blessing and joy, or whether it is full of sorrow or heartbreak, may my heart’s prayer be “Yes, Lord. You are enough! Your mercy extends to the heavens, your love is more than I can ever comprehend. You will once again bring me through.” By God’s grace I pray I may grow into the kind of woman whom Jesus will not be ashamed to call home to heaven, to claim as His own, a specially chosen bride, called by His name, lovely in His beauty, saved by His grace.

I pray also that those who read this blog (that is, if there are even any who read it! :)) will also bow the knee to their Savior Jesus Christ, that they may be saved through Him... and if they are there already, that they will also learn from Him and not be ashamed to fulfill their calling as disciples of Christ.

I had the pleasure of writing this while sitting in the most beautiful of places... tropical plants rise all around; stone paths meander among the countless trees, flowers and shrubs; dew clings to the walls; flowers in full bloom are bursting with beauty - only the hand of a magnificent Creator God like ours could create such beauty as this! What a neat place to rest my soul, to feel God's presence, to think upon His beauty and majesty and goodness. I came here anxious, disturbed, busy with the cares of the world; yet now I leave at peace, resting in the calm assurance that I can find only in Him.

(I took these pictures at a Toronto gardens greenhouse close to the corner of Jarvis & Gerrard)


Sharon said...

Thanks so much for that encouragement & for your openness, Louise! May the Lord continue His work of grace day by day, year by year, in each of us His children!
And I love those pictures -- what a lovely place! Isn't it neat that God loves beauty?! Imagine a world with no flowers...

Marguerite said...

Hi Louise,

I do check your blog occassionally and enjoy your posts but usally don't post - thot I would now to encourage you. :)
If that's your heart's desire for 2010, it will be a good year - regardless how it appears or feels! God is gracious and so loving, eh? Keep pressing closer, pressing on, dear sister.