Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toronto Motorcycle Show!

December 12, 2008

How fun, that Robert also loves motorcyles! :) I never thought I'd find someone who likes those noise-making, speedy, adrenaline-pumping toys as much as me! I think that's the one thing about Robert that my family shakes their heads at...

We were talking to this guy who gives tours all over the world on his bike (see below)... On one trip, he went all the way round the world, going west through Canada, up through Alaska, over into Russia and down through Europe, then south to Africa. His next trip, he'll be shipping his bike (pictured below) out to Africa and giving a tour, raising money for some schools that he supports. He was pretty interesting to talk/listen to!

I'm not sure for what reason, but they had some really cool birds on display at the show - peregrine falcons, owls, a bald eagle and a couple others as well.

After the show we enjoyed a delicious dinner at East Side Marios...
after dinner we walked around downtown and then made our way home again

Niagara Falls

November 29
Before heading off to the Messiah concert that evening, we enjoyed dinner and a walk at Niagara Falls, looking at the light displays...
Our first picture together :)
Contrary to some belief, Robert is NOT a goat farmer, as one of my previous posts might have suggested (see here) :) haha nope that is most blessedly untrue.... (no offense to any goat farmers who may read this)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tell it with Flowers...

November 15, 2008
Guess who these beauties were from?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Jili" the Stray Kitten

November 2008
All day that saturday we heard this little wimpering "meow" coming from underneath the steps to Kevin and Carole's entrance. Finally, that evening Michele went and investigated and sure enough, she found the sweetest little kitten! We had a lot of fun playing with the baby kitty, feeding it, cuddling with it... however we knew we couldn't keep it (although Michele took some convincing!). Eventually Michele found a home for it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Royal Winter Fair

First we went to the goat pens and petted them until our hands turned black! they were so sweet, I just loved them....

The cows were a little bigger and less loveable/touchable... I was a little scared of them, and their slobbery mouths and huge muscles - wouldn't want to turn off one of those massive bulls!!!

but I still got a picture with one none-the-less! :)Superdogs Show was pretty exciting :) the MC was a little over the top, and the performance was definitely geared towards a younger crowd - but nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed the show (or at least, I did! :))

The picture on the right shows the height that one of the greyhounds jumped - apparently it was the world's record for the highest indoor jumping!

The RCMP show was probably pretty cool too; we only saw them as they got ready to go out to the rink to do their show - you could watch it on TV, but at the Fair you had to pay another $20 to get in - so being the Dutchies we are, we opted against it :) there was enough to see already without the horse show.

Rob is REALLY hard to get a picture of!!! so unfortunately I didn't get even one picture of him... :(

What's been going on for the last 3 months??

Allow me to introduce you to someone: Robert H.
I'm sorry to say, that Robert does not believe in pictures... so you'll have to wait for a photo!

The last couple of months since Charlene's wedding have been a whirlwind of activity... I had thought that things would slow down after the wedding, but just the opposite has happened! not at all a bad thing, really :)

First, a phone call...
which turned into a blind date the day after Tim & Charlene's wedding in October! yes... can you believe it? I allowed myself to be set up on a blind date - no idea whatsoever WHAT he looks like, WHO he is, WHAT his history is, VERY little of anything about the guy... but I had heard some good reports about him so I was willing to see what this guy was about.

Chinese Lantern Festival

Rob and I had a wonderful time at Ontario Place, talking
a lot as we walked through the park, observing all sorts of light displays of so many things: dinosaurs, animals from all different countries, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and more....

A broken camera...
I was trying to photograph every moment, as I so love to do... but then I carelessly let the string on my camera slip off my hand, and my camera went flying to the cement ground and broke - and I couldn't take any more pictures! :( Rob sweetly offered to buy me another camera, which I vehemently refused! However, I later found out that he actually hadn’t offered to BUY a camera, only to help me find a place where I could buy one myself! hmph. :)

A few weeks later, Rob sent me some pictures from the Lantern Festival. I wondered how he got them, and discovered later that he had advertised on kijiji, asking anyone if they had any pics, to send him some! :) awww...

Stranded at Ontario Place...
Making our way back to his truck at the end of the night, we were somewhat alarmed to find that it wasn't there anymore! what a shock!

We'd had a bit of trouble getting into the parking lot, because neither of us had had enough cash, which was the only form of payment. Eventually, we gave the little that we had, and the non-English speaking attendant shooed us in (we think he might have taken the money for himself - but I guess we'll never know) anyhow we never got a receipt to display! so perhaps the car was towed, we thought!

We found security officer and a cop, who walked with us to where we thought we'd parked - they were sure that we had parked in the next lot over, but it just didn't seem possible! there was no way we'd walked that far... and besides, we had parked beside a dead seagull, and there it was, a dead seagull and the open parking spot beside it where the truck should have been! the security and cop managed to convince us to walk to the next lot, upon which we found, to our embarrassment, that they were right! :) haha

They said that Rob joked that we must have been lost in each other’s eyes when we had been walking before - b/c we didn't remember seeing any of the things that we passed! I was slightly taken aback - we had only just met, and he's joking about being "lost in each other’s eyes"?! but I guess it was true ;)

A wonderful night, none the less...
Despite the problems, we had a wonderful time! :)