Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ashleigh's Soccer Game

Ashleigh's team won the game 4-1! GO ASHLEIGH GO! :)   Apparently she didn't hear me cheering at all... but if she had she would have been embarrassed anyways :) 

hi-fiving the other team... and then we celebrated with a snack at Timmy's :) 

It was a fun night, despite that it was FREEZING cold and windy!  felt like October! Ashleigh played really well, what a great improvement from before, when she would run away from the ball ;)  she's a very sweet niece - I don't value her relationship as much as I should.  Nights like this one show me just how special it is to spend time with family and get into each others' lives.  How many Aunties get to live with their nieces and nephews and know them as well as I do?  yet how often I don't take advantage of this special situation... anyways, to sum it up, I had a great night with your daughter Kev & Carole! :)    


Carole said...

ack! Ashleigh looks so old!! Maybe it is because she is drinking a Timmys. :) You are the best, Lou, thank you SO much!!

Carole said...

oh, and hurray for another win, babe!!

Dauna said...

YAY Ashleigh!