Sunday, June 20, 2010

for Kevin & Carole :)

Kevin & Carole, I know you're enjoying yourselves in Europe, but I also also how much you miss your little sweeties here at home.... so this is for you :) 

I was in the nursery at church this afternoon... Jaden and Anjali were playing so cute together :) 

Some memories from the past couple of weeks:
- Louise: "Mom, can I watch the kids for you for a while? go read a book or relax or something"
  Mom: "no, I'm not taking my eyes off these little ones till their mommy and daddy come home!"  honestly she won't let me give her a break... 
- playing freeze tag, snake, frog, etc on the trampoline
- laying on the trampoline, finding pictures in the clouds (my way of conning them into taking a break :))
- stepping on crumbs and cheerios on the kitchen floor 
- toys, toys, toys all over the place
- viewing the living room not as a living room, but as a jungle gym 
- listening to Josh's baby talk, which is starting to sound more and more like actual words 
- taking Ashleigh to soccer
- loving the love that I see between Mom and the kids

Tomorrow night I'll be taking the kids to soccer, and there's also some sort of summer celebration happening at my karate class which I'd like to take them to beforehand (there's ice cream and fun stuff for kids).   Mom's plan has been to keep them so busy that they won't be missing their mommy and daddy... and so far it's worked, although Ashleigh does still miss you guys.  Mom asked her what she preferred: to go to the airport to pick you up, or to go to the church picnic with all her friends, and without a doubt she wanted to see you guys!  

So come home soon and safe!  :)  God bless, and can't wait to see you again!


Carole said...

SO adorable, darling. Thanks!! with such an aunt and oma, who needs a mommyƉ (that was a question mark)

Aaron said...

So this is what you were doing during the 1 1/2 hour John Calvin sermon :)

lol. Great post!